After undergoing a serious injury, I turned to Priya as a means to cope with pain, surgery, and ultimately, healing. She took the time to explain hypnotherapy and also listen to my story in great detail, therefore making me feel confident in the process. Thanks to our sessions, a negative situation and outlook was turned around, and I learned to feel calm, full of hope, and deeply in tune with my mind and body. I owe my recovery process completely to her hypnotherapy expertise.

Allison B. // Buffalo, NY

Many thanks to Priya for helping me to understand why I made the choice to become a healer with past life regression. My experience was nothing short of spectacular and gave me a new perspective on my work. Priya is a skilled and gentle hypnotist and I highly recommend her as a practitioner!

Amanda F. // Rochester, NY

I can honestly say that Priya has helped me with my golf game. She first helped me unpack my problem: it wasn’t technique, as much as it was focus. Through hypnosis, I learned how to step into focus and stay there for each shot. The suggestions that we created together hit the nail on the head. Recently I played my best game of golf in a long time. I now know what I have to do to become a consistently good golfer. I highly recommend Priya!

Coleen M. // Buffalo, NY